Thursday 28th Frostbite

Friday 1st Double Vision

Saturday 2nd Double Vision

Sunday 3rd Alex Peden

Thursday 7th XRoads

Friday 8th Cool Change

Saturday 9th Cool Change

Sunday 10th Alex Peden

Thursday 14th Retro Rockers

Friday 15th  Crossover

Saturday 16th Crossover

Sunday 17th Alex Peden

Thursday 21st The Billy Guys

Friday 22nd A2Z

Saturday 23rd Kneedeep

Sunday 24th Alex Peden

Thursday 28th Rock n Roll Boys

Friday 29th Buddy Love

Saturday 30th Buddy Love

Sunday 31st Alex Peden

"Alex Peden"

Join Alex at Brothers on Tuesdays from 1.00pm for Seniors Day... Sundays, it's a special night from 6.00pm, of Alex's favourites. 
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